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rREST Certified Advanced Coach Program:  A Deeper Understanding for A More Effective Practice During this highly specialized 9-month rREST® Certified Advanced Coach Program, you will learn advanced skills to apply rREST for specific life categories, including: Relationships (intimacy, leadership, communication) Wealth (money, success, abundance, career) Health (self-care, mental, spiritual, physical) Energy Psychology (energy medicine, hypnosis integration, manifestation process) You will be certified in: Self-administered rREST Advanced muscle testing Helping clients overwhelmed by strong limiting beliefs Entering into rREST from new avenues, including physical and emotional states Advanced tools for integration of success patterns after you clear blockages Reiki Level III by rREST and an opportunity to become a Reiki Master During this program, you will be enrolled in the Reiki Level III program where you will deepen your Reiki practice and learn how to attune Reiki Level I & II Practitioners. You will also be doing your own research for rREST through our “Thesis Program.” As a special bonus, for the “Founding” Certified Advanced Coach Program ONLY, you have the opportunity to complete this course as a rREST Academy Certified Instructor.   This is a one-time-only offer that allows us to scale our instructor ranks quickly, benefitting you as an early adopter to rREST programs! The rREST Certified Advanced Coach Program includes: 4 “Online Live” 2-day retreat events 20-21 November Master Retreat #1 (Reiki III Course) 9-10 January Master Retreat #2 01-02 May Master Retreat #3 17-18 July Master Retreat #4 Participation as a facilitator of the rREST Certified Coaching Program where you will be able to practice your rREST and Reiki Skills with a new group of rREST students and begin learning to teach rRest. You will receive more specific guidance via email once you enroll in the course. Reiki Attunements rREST Coaching Program Options: (Jan-May; May-Aug; or Aug-Dec) 18 bi-monthly group training and coaching sessions designed to support you with more in-depth and personal insights for integrating rREST into your current practice to specialize your skills, broaden your ability to bring in new clients, and give your clients a truly special experience. (First and third Mondays of each month, 1.5 hours each).

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